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Research and teaching laboratory on new technologies of power generation and transport and smart grids schemes.

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ERESMA GRID laboratory is built with the scheme of a Smart Grid or monitored micro-grid which incorporates real power generation, transport and consuming systems. Renewable and sustainable energy generators can be easily integrated in the grid and powerful monitoring and management tools for energy fluxes are available.

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School of Mine Engineering. University of León. Silverio Fernández Tirador Avenue s/n. 24071 León (Spain).
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Power Engineering (Generation, Transport and Distribution).

Physical access and/or VPN access at different control and monitoring levels. 

Physical access and/or VPN access at different control and monitoring levels.

Advice concerning power generation, transport and distribution technologies, schemes and procedures. Renewable and sustainable specialization. Self-consumption schemes. Expertise on industrial power protections configuration. Advice concerning electrical tariffs. 

Theoretical and practical training on the design, management, configuration and application of renewable energy generation plants, electrical grids, grid control, monitoring and supervision, industrial power protections. 

Devices, communications and configurations. 

Design and test of cybersecurity devices and systems from power grid to final consumer levels.

Physical components available

All equipment described as models and pilot plants. Several portable devices for power variables measurements. 

HVAC aerial power line (400 kV) with shortcircuit simulation at line head and line bottom and real industrial power protections. Inductive and resistive power loads simulator (10 balanced and unbalanced available configurations). Power distribution grid simulation with resistive, inductive and capacitive power loads (balanced and unbalanced). 

10 kWn photovoltaic power plant with dynamic inverter. Monocrystalline Si PV modules, Test PV field with different module technologies (8 kWn peak power). Weather and radiometric station equipped with dry bulb thermometer, relative humidity sensor, pluviometer and global solar irradiance (three sensors installed with different tilting and azimuth angles). Test bed for industrial power protections and current injection device. IV curve tracer for PV panels. Industrial thermographic camera. Secondary Standard (High quality) pyranometer. Microwind and energy storage facilities in preparation. 

SCADA that monitors all variables from the generation plants and power transport and consuming modules. Industrial HMI. SIEMENS and Carlo Gavazzi's Power Analysers. Inverters monitoring. 

PLCs. Distributed and remote peripheries. Gateways. RTUs. Industrial PCs. Modbus, Ethernet/IP and other industrial standards for communications.  

Software components available

Own simulation and monitoring tools based on MATLAB, Excel and TRNSYS developed by the laboratory. 

WinCC and SMA Web. Software for the management and use of the physical component: Simatic S-7, SEL, WinCC, SMA Web and own tools developed by the laboratory. 

Own tools developed by the laboratory.