Embedded Systems Security Laboratory

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Embedded Systems Security Laboratory
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Cybersecurity Laboratory of Embedded Systems

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This is a laboratory with a typical architecture of industrial elements and with a selective connection to the Internet or Cloud. This laboratory is focused on industrial components safety with the highest functional safety levels. It is also focused on security systems. To accomplish this objective there are available some hardware and software elements. They are required to do component analysis and systems based on physical and virtualized infrastructure, such as security scanners (accredited under international standards), monitoring services, centralized logs services, additional security tools, software automation of safety procedures, baselines and standards. This laboratory is based specifically on the analysis of industrial products in two additional laboratories: the electromagnetism laboratory and the physical security laboratory. At the same time there are other laboratories available where solutions can be tested. These ones are oriented to specific industrial environments This is the case of the electrical energy storage systems laboratory, the power electronics lab or the thermal management lab, among others.

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Pº J. Mª Arizmendiarrieta, 2 Arrasate-Mondragon
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Availability of a physical laboratory where the analysis solutions can be integrated.

 There are available a laboratory and a number of servers, from which security scanners, monitoring systems state and security base checking (per component) are made.

There are available hardware and software tools to be able to integrate and validate different security solutions related to components and systems. For example: creation and validation of secure operating systems images.

Physical components available

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Embedded industrial control systems: Availability of embedded systems designed for different industrial control objectives.
HMI: Display devices adapted to the different control systems objectives.
Industrial Switches: Industrial switches availability to reach the solutions integration, and also to evaluate  realistic environments behaviour.
Switches IT: Standard switches availability to reach the solutions integration.
Routers: Equipment availability to emulate different network configurations of that elements which are under analysis.

Software components available

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  • Nessus: network vulnerability scanner.
  • Accunetix: web vulnerability scanner
  • Kibana: Central Logs Management System
  • Pandora FMS: Monitoring system for a continuous evaluation of  the systems performance.
  • Open source and multiple security tools.
  • Security automation software based on open international standards.
  • Capture network traffic software.
  • Own control tools.