Industrial Cybersecurity Lab by Getronics

Industrial Cybersecurity Lab by Getronics
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Security assessment laboratory for industrial and critical infrastructures

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Laboratory whose purpose is performing security analysis and evaluation in industrial environments. Included among the activities we do:

  • Identification of hardware and software vulnerabilities, including new and unknown (zero day) ones.
  • Security analysis in industrial devices.
  • Evaluation of traffic filtering devices, detection and threats, for protection of control network and segmentation,  as its implementation applies in the automation pyramid according to ISA 99 (levels 1 to 4).
  • Evaluation and development of solutions in industrial cybersecurity.

This laboratory, offers the customization of specific models, adapted to the needs required by clients, to simulate and analyse the behaviour of the control network, from which measures and recommendations will be extracted to be used in real production and process environments.

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Calle Vía de los Poblados, 1D, 28033 Madrid, España
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Chemical Industry
Research Installations

Laboratory and tests could be personalized for every situation as described above.

On Industrial architecture and secure models definition, assistance on validation of politics, procedures and good practices (ex: secure asset inventory).

Best defence against a human is a human, training and awareness sessions are offered based on best industrial cybersecurity practices. Continuous training is recommended for best comprehension.

Security audits and analysis on industrial control networks, GETRONICS Flash Security Checkup Service, vulnerability check and recommendations.

Making best use of our knowledge as integrators, we analyse best analysis, detection and response solutions in control and industrial environments to be suggested in every situation.

Physical components available

Customized testbed available and ready to simulate real infrastructure.

SCADA Systems  WinCC (Siemens), HMI Supervisor, ABB, Schneider Electric Magelis.

PLCs and Controllers from Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric. Robots.

Software components available

Own tailored propietary tools, Inventory analysers and configuration, Traffic analysis, Industrial protocol event filter (PLC, Modbus).